Change Browser Homepage and Home Screen Setup Instructions

HotSheet Homepage Instructions - change Chrome, Firefox start page to
Start the Web with HotSheet!

Add to your Mobile

On an iPhone or iPad:

1. If you haven't already done so, use the Safari app to open

2. Click the Favorites button (rectangle with an up arrow)

3. In the lower row of icons displayed, find and press "Add to Home Screen"

4. Verify the name displayed is HotSheet

5. Press the "Add" button

6. Find the HotSheet icon and move it to your preferred page

a. Use Step 3 above to find "Add to Favorites" and "Add Bookmark" icons and functions

On Android devices:

1. If you haven't already done so, use the default mobile web browser or Chrome to open

2. From the Android menu, select "Add to Home screen".

3. Verify the name displayed is HotSheet

4. Press "Add" to complete

5. Find the HotSheet icon and move it as needed

a. On the Android menu in step 3 above, highlight the Star at the top to create a Bookmark for HotSheet


The free HotSheet Android app can make mobile web browsing even easier. Press the Google Play button to download.

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Make HotSheet your Web Browser Homepage

The steps to change the home page or start page are similar in most web browsers. Usually you will find an icon, frequently a Gear image, in the upper right of the web browser window. In the menu shown, look for "Settings" or "Options". From there, look for either Home Page, Start Page or New Tab options where you can enter a web address. Enter: and press Enter. Press the Save button, if there is one available. Specific browser instructions follow:



1. Click this icon Chrome Menu on the right side of the browser toolbar

2. Select Settings

Microsoft Edge

MS Edge

1. Click the ... in the upper right, then select Settings at the bottom of the list.

2. Scroll down and click View advanced settings.

3. Under Show Home Button move the slider to On

4. In the space provided, enter:

5. Click the Save button to finish.

Internet Explorer


1. Click the Tools menu, or the Gear icon.

2. Select Internet Options

3. Click the General tab

4. In the Address box type:

5. Click OK



1. Click on the Firefox button (Tools menu in Windows XP)

2. Select Options

3. Select the General panel

4. Enter: in the Home Page box

5. Click OK



1. Click on Tools

2. Select Preferences

3. Select the General tab

4. Enter: in the Home Page box

5. Click OK



1. Click on Safari (Tools on a PC)

2. Select Preferences

3. Click on General

4. Enter: in the Homepage box

5. Close the Preferences box

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