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inspiring video accounts of Near Death Experiences

NDE Documentaries

What happens when you die? - 3:50min


Beyond Our Sight - 51:08min


What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us - 1hr 11:38min


Life After Life - 57:01 min


Personal NDE Accounts

Dying to be me! - Anita Moorjani TEDxBayArea - 18:05min


Dr. Eben Alexander lecture - 1hr 38:57min


Heather Golding NDE account - 9:33min


Kathy Baker NDE account - 9:33min


Pam Reynolds NDE account on BBC - 10:57min


Suzanne Bohm NDE account - 9:01min


Nicki Nurotik blind woman NDE - 3:49min


Bevery Brodsky NDE account - 20:49min


Dr Peg Abernathy NDE account - 8:13min


Neale Donald Walsh NDE account - 9:50min


Q: What am I like when I die?
A: You're Perfect!


Many people have gone through the dying experience and have then been revived. Some of them tell of meeting relatives, or of profound revelations and experiences, all while clinically dead. These are commonly called Near Death Experiences or NDEs.

We have pre-selected a small group of inspiring videos from the vast number available to more easily present this exciting personal phenomenon. The genuine passion that comes through from most NDE survivors is undeniable, making it hard to question the authenticity of these experiences.

This page is an introductory tool to help anyone, whether healthy or ailing, to understand NDEs, the hope and inspiration they can provide, and the transitions all of us may have ahead.

Our simple single-page design is tablet friendly and is especially helpful to care givers and hospice workers for sharing NDE accounts and information. Click the title link under a video to automatically view the video in full screen mode.

The links above are to some of the web's premier NDE resources. These sites include many more videos plus volumes of NDE information. This site is not affiliated with any of these sites, nor any videos linked to from this page.