Near Death Experience Information Resource

inspiring video accounts from the edge of the great beyond


Introductory Videos

What happens when you die? - 3:50min


Near Death Experience - Insights For Humanity - 10:00min


Personal NDE Accounts

Dying to be me! - Anita Moorjani TEDxBayArea - 18:05min


Suzanne Bohm NDE account - 9:01min


Bevery Brodsky NDE account - 20:49min


Dr Peg Abernathy NDE account - 8:13min


Neale Donald Walsh NDE account - 9:50min


Pam Reynolds NDE account on BBC - 10:57min


Dr. Eben Alexander lecture - 1hr 38:57min


NDE Documentaries

Beyond Our Sight - 51:08min


What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us - 1hr 11:38min


Life After Life - 57:01 min


Q: What am I like when I die?
A: You're Perfect! Like you are now!

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